Chinese delegation visit UK to study CS HR best practice

22 December 2014

In autumn 2014 Dods Training put together a programme for a senior delegation from the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Human Resource and Social Security.

The group wished to come to the UK and study the UK Civil Service, specifically in the context of remuneration and benefit. With a wealth of experience working with the UK Civil Service, Dods Training has an unrivalled network of expert training consultants specialising in government remuneration and management. Dods is the publisher of Civil Service World and organiser of the Civil Service Awards. Utilising our wider Dods network, our well-established relationship with UK government and civil servants and our own expert consultants, we put together a comprehensive programme to address the client’s training requirements.

To supplement the training Dods Training organised and facilitated and range of meetings with subject experts and practicioners. Highlights included meetings with the Teachers’ Union, Liverpool City Council and the Charity for Civil Servants. Read the full case study here.