Foreign Press Association - An Insight into the Upcoming Election

big ben
19 February 2015

Together with the Foreign Press Association and Dods Monitoring; Dods Training will be delivering a 1 hour webinar for journalists covering the upcoming election in May. This webinar will give participants the chance to hear what might affect the upcoming election and how certain outcomes could be achieved. It is also a fantastic opportunity to ask any burning questions that you might have.

How can the UK democratically elect a leader without having a majority vote? 

Our expert will talk through the British voting system and all of its quirks as well as discussing the potential impact of the Scottish Referendum upon the vote.

As well as discussing the voting system, the trainer will talk through:

  • Various aspects of Parliamentary business through the election
  • How many ministers are needed?
  • When does parliament start again?
  • What is Purdah and how does it affect the progress of EU directives?

The webinar will be hosted on the 19th February at 13:00 GMT.

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