Northern Powerhouse and Policy Making

16 May 2016

Dods Training is working with Manchester Metropolitan University to deliver a series of Understanding Policy and Research programmes for researchers in their humanities and social science department.

It’s a really exciting programme bringing together policy makers, parliamentarians and experts, looking at how policy is made, not only from a Westminster perspective but also specifically looking policy within the Northern Powerhouse.

Working with the client to ensure that we produced a programme that was both interactive and informative, we designed the sessions around the most relevant aspects of policy making. The participants heard about the current policy environment from an expert panel of speakers, including Tony Lloyd, Greater Manchester Interim Mayor and Simon Nokes, Chief Executive of New Economy. The seniority of the session resonated well with the delegates who appreciated being able to discuss high level policy concepts with such senior and respective figures.

The two-day programme attracted speakers from a real range of organisations including chief executives of 2 local councils, Senior Researchers at IPPR and a local MP.

The programme was really well received with one participant saying ‘Just brilliant – the best workshop training I’ve attended’. We run the second session in June, building on the success of this programme.

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