Training in Tanzania

1 April 2015

Civil servants from all over Africa came together in Tanzania at the end of March for the highly successful Working with and Briefing Minister and Senior Officials course.  Westminster Explained Tutors Sheree Dodd and Paul Richards shared their knowledges and experience of working inside the UK Government and provided advice and guidance on effective writing for ministers to colleagues from South Sudan, Mozambique, Nigeria, Uganda, Malawi as well as Tanzania.  

The two and half day course held in the High Commission building, Dar Es Salaam ended on a high note with a drop-in talk from DFID minister Baroness Northover who was making an official visit to Tanzania at the time.  Sheree Dodd commented:  "It was a great experience for the participants to meet Baroness Northover and hear about the reality of a ministers' daily lives and how civil servants can support them effectively.  Paul and I were delighted that she was singing from the same hymn sheet as us and echoed much of what we had been saying over the previous two days."

“Excellent training, pleasant trainers and informed group, I was able to share and also learn. Thank you”.

“I feel this should be a mandatory course for new staff”.

“Best facilitators, engaging and supportive”