CECIMO: Introduction to the EU and Engaging with Brussels

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Client: CECIMO

Programme: Introduction to the EU and Engaging with Brussels

(Delivered in Brussels, Belgium, 2014)

The client

CECIMO is the European Association of the Machine Tool Industries. The organisation brings together 15 national Associations of Machine Tool Builders, which represent approximately 1500 industrial enterprises in Europe, over 80% of which are SMEs. CECIMO defends the common interests of its members, particularly in relation to authorities and associations. http://www.cecimo.eu/site/

The problem

We were approached by CECIMO to design and deliver a series of bespoke workshops and speaker sessions to coincide with their Member Congress in early December. Following a year of significant political change in Brussels and owing to the ongoing evolution of Europe, the client wished to engage with Dods Training experts and strengthen understanding of the EU and how best to engage with key institutions and individuals, amongst its members.

Our actions

Dods Training is well placed to design and deliver EU training. We currently provide extensive five and two-day EU programmes for the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and European Fast Steam as well as shorter courses for other government departments and private clients. As such, we have a well-established network of subject expert trainers and high-level guest speakers in both London and Brussels.

Our bespoke programme for CECIMO included an introduction to key EU institutions, how they operate and interact; an overview of key developments in Brussels and Strasbourg resulting from the May elections; and how to work to influence the EU decision-making process, identify key stakeholders and engage positively on key issues.

Hosted in Brussels and chaired by a former MEP, delegates had the opportunity to put their learning into practice through an interactive session tailored to allow participants to practice skills and techniques acquired earlier in the course.

During the event, participants heard from a range of speakers including a journalist, political engagement specialist and event organiser.


The sessions hosted during the CECIMO Member Congress were very well received. Members said they really appreciated the quality of the presentations as well as the knowledge and communication skills of the speakers.

They highlighted the role of the chair as particularly relevant to the success of the event and feedback that his expertise and experience had allowed for interesting and fruitful discussions between members.