Chongming County, Shanghai Municipality, People's Republic of China: Sustainable Development

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Client: Chongming County, Shanghai Municipality, People's Republic of China

Programme: Sustainable Development

(Delivered in London, UK, 2013)

The client

Following the recommendation from a previous delegation, a group of government officials from Chongming County in Shanghai approached Dods Training in 2013. Their objectives were to understand how the UK works sustainably in government, Parliament, welfare and emergency response as Chongming seeks to develop as an ecological island.

The problem

Chongming County was seeking to develop an ecological island, a brand new ecological and sustainable district in Shanghai. Participants wanted to hear from a range of experts on the UK’s approach to sustainability and social development and have the opportunity to meet directly with practitioners to glean best practice which could then be taken back to China.

Our actions

Dods Training put together a three day bespoke training programme about how sustainability and social development were approached in the UK. The course focused on the political system in the UK, how welfare and wider social development fit into this system and the government’s priorities for social development. It also looked more generally at how the ethos of sustainability was embedded into government and process, how key messages of sustainability were communicated to the public and how to plan for, manage and prevent emergencies.

Chaired by the Rt Hon Jacqui Smith, the specifically tailored programme featured a range of guest speakers and experts from local government consultants to senior analysts of sustainability think tanks to the CEO of the National Fraud Authority.

Day one provided an overview of the UK system whilst day two “The future for welfare and creating an ethos of sustainability in government” looked at the creation of sustainable welfare as well as how to manage the increasing risk of fraud. Day three emphasised how to plan for, manage and prevent emergencies, which included a range of guest speakers and tailored case studies.