Lagos State Parliament: Parliament, Government and the Legislative Process

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Client: Lagos State Parliament

Programme: Parliament, Government and the Legislative Process

(Delivered in London, UK, 2013)

The client

Representatives from the Lagos State Parliament contacted Dods Training in 2013 to provide a bespoke five day programme covering Parliament and Government good practice, democratic governance and the legislative process.

The problem

The delegation from Nigeria, predominantly comprised of Government Committee Clerks wanted to come to London for a five day bespoke study visit which not only incorporated UK best practice but also allowed for visits and tours of relevant sites and institutions and the opportunity to meet and hear from their UK counterparts.

As well as best practice sharing, participants also wanted a programme which would allow them to develop the knowledge and skills to develop their role as clerks in the Nigerian Parliament in an open and welcoming environment. The course therefore needed to explore the UK Parliamentary system, the structure and functions of government institutions, the roles of key players such as Ministers, Special Advisers, Civil Servants and Members of Parliament and the decision making process and who can influence those decisions. It also focused on the legislative process and the administration of Parliament and the passage of a Bill through Parliament: traditions, rules and procedures.

Our actions

Using our extensive network and contacts throughout Parliament and Government, we quickly set to work to design this interactive five day programme. Our design for the workshop was based on the many programmes we have successfully run on Parliament, Government and the Legislative Process. As one of only a limited number of approved suppliers to the UK Government, our position as the leading provider of this training ensured we already had existing contacts within UK Parliament and Government.

Day one focused on the structure and overview of government, including the structure and functions of government departments, devolved administrations and the roles of key players such as Ministers, Special Advisors, Permanent Secretaries and Parliamentary Clerks.

During day two, the programme focused on the role of Parliament with sessions such as A Peer’s View on the Westminster Week in the House of Lords. Good Parliamentary practice formed an important framework for the day, which also looked at ethics and accountability.

Day three featured training on the Nigerian legislative process, with a cross-comparison of good practices between UK and Nigeria.

Day four was dedicated to a comprehensive tour of Whitehall and the Palace of Westminster. Participants were led around the Whitehall and provided with an overview of the key departments and buildings with tutor-led discussion of how they fit into the Whitehall model of Government. The delegation was then taken round the key areas of the Parliamentary estate, such as the Commons and Lords debating chambers, committees corridor and the Queen's Robing Room. The delegation heard from staff from both Whitehall and Westminster throughout the day.

Day five directed focus at the legislative process in the UK looking at how policy becomes legislation and the passage of a bill through Parliament.