Ministry of Energy and Minerals, the United Republic of Tanzania: Written and Oral Briefs, Speech Writing and Report Writing

Government of Tanzania

Client: Ministry of Energy and Minerals, the United Republic of Tanzania

Programme: Written and Oral Briefs, Speech Writing and Report Writing

(Delivered in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 2013 and 2014)

The client

Energy and Mineral resources stimulate socioeconomic development in Tanzania and help to reduce poverty. According to its mission statement, “The Ministry of Energy and Minerals (MEM) is mandated to facilitate development of energy and mineral sectors. The Ministry delivers various services related to development of energy and minerals resources through the participation of various stakeholders including public, private, public-private partnerships, local communities, NGOs and civil society.”  

The problem

A high-level delegation of senior officials from the Tanzanian Ministry of Energy and Minerals wanted an in-country training event hosted by training consultants running across a number of communications and governance topic areas. The client wished to ensure that civil servants were able to recognise the needs of recipients of briefings and speeches and identify relevant information, clearly, concisely and accurately brief senior officials and Ministers.

More generally they wanted to be able to hone their written communication skills, write shorter reports with more impact, present complex arguments in a logical structure and be able to draft successful speeches for self and others.

Our actions

Building on the successes of our Briefings and Submissions courses implemented widely through Civil Service Learning to the UK Civil Service, Dods Training responded quickly to the training needs of the client. The programme, which was specifically tailored to suit participants from the Tanzanian Ministry of Energy and Minerals, covered basic and advanced written and oral communication skills and then provided participants with opportunities to practice their newly acquired knowledge. Practical exercises included role play with the tutor taking on the role of the Minister. Sessions were filmed and then replayed to allow tutors and peers to feed back about performance and improvement techniques.

The first session in November 2013 was opened by the Permanent Secretary to the Ministry.


The feedback during the first week of training in 2013 was so positive that a second programme was ordered before the final day had concluded.

The specialist communications team delivered a second, repeat, run of the programme in January 2014 for additional senior civil servants from the Ministry. The course feedback was again very positive and conversations have begun for future deliveries and follow-up.