The National Assembly of Nigeria, Abuja: Understanding the British Parliamentary System

This is the logo for the National Assembly of Nigeria, Abuja, Federal Republic of Nigeria

Client: The National Assembly of Nigeria, Abuja

Programme: Understanding the British Parliamentary System

(Delivered in London, UK, 2013)

The client

In late 2013, Dods Training was contacted to host a senior delegation from The National Assembly of Nigeria. The National Assembly is Nigeria’s bicameral legislature and the highest elective law-making body of the country. 

The problem

The delegation, which included Senators, Directors and Commissioners, wanted to come to London and undertake a programme which incorporated intensive study of the British Parliamentary system and allowed them to meet with counterparts and receive expert insight into the operations of Parliament in the UK. A core focus of the programme was good parliamentary practice with sessions looking into existing and proposed frameowrks for accountability and transparency.

Our actions

Utilising our vast networks and contacts across Parliament, Dods Training quickly put together a bespoke programme for the senior delegation. The programme incorporated round-table discussions with senior clerks of the Houses of Parliament, Clerk of the Journal and MPs.

During the course of the programme, participants were exposed to UK Parliament, structures, and interrelationships, essential human capital development for the Parliament as it relates appointments, placement and promotion, the roles of the UK Parliament Service Commission and the foundations of the British Democratic System.

The training included hands-on learning and guest speaker sessions, including with an expert Peer, engaged delegates in order to help formulate recommendations for the return to Nigeria.


The successes of the visit have since caused the group to approach us for further training.