Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce: UK Regulatory Bodies: Regulating new media advertising

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Client: Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce

Programme: UK Regulatory Bodies: Regulating new media advertising

(Delivered in UK, Autumn, 2014)

The client

In October 2014, a senior delegation from the Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce came to London to undertake a bespoke training programme exploring how the UK regulates advertising and new media.

The problem

China is home to a thriving and expanding advertising industry. Advertisements influence daily life and the increased use of digital and mobile technology has further fuelled the rapid development of this booming industry as well as diversifying the sector and posing new challenges for regulators. Advertising has become increasingly difficult to monitor in terms of content, technology standards and fraud prevention, all of which can negatively impact consumers. Senior experts from the Administration for Industry and Commerce, who regulate the advertising industry, wanted to come to the UK to study best practice in preparation for building a new media advertising monitoring and regulatory system.

Our actions

Dods Training quickly set to work to design and produce a bespoke five-day programme and organise a week of meetings for the delegation to attend whilst in the UK. The combination of the training and meetings would expose the delegation to UK best practice, overall systems and structures and also allow them to meet with industry experts, ask any specific questions and get a more practical feel for what they had been learning about.

Chaired by one of our expert consultants, the five-day programme encompassed different themes whilst simultaneously building on prior knowledge. Day one offered an overview of the UK Government structure as well as an introduction to regulation in the UK. It asked about the importance of regulation and explored various regulatory bodies in the UK. Day two focused on how regulators interact with government departments, agencies and external organisations. It included a tour of Parliament and a session hosted within the parliamentary estate by a relevant Member of Parliament. Days three, four and five covered a host of themes including alternatives to regulation, new media and advertising and direct marketing in the UK. During the programme the delegation heard from a variety of speakers including academics, advertising agencies and other interested parties.

Following a week of training the delegation visited relevant institutions to meet with industry experts directly. Dods Training coordinated this specifically to reinforce the learning objectives and offer practical examples of the themes discussed during the five-day training programme. Meeting highlights included the Advertising Standards Authority, the Information Commissioner’s Office and advertising agencies themselves.


The programme was very well received. Participants highlighted that they had particularly enjoyed the range the programme offered in terms of learning types from guest speaker presentations, to case studies to tours of Parliament.