Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Human Resource and Social Security: Understanding the UK Civil Service: remuneration and benefit

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Client: Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Human Resource and Social Security

Programme: Understanding the UK Civil Service: remuneration and benefit

(Delivered in UK, Autumn, 2014)

The client

In autumn 2014 Dods Training was asked to put together a programme for a senior delegation from the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Human Resource and Social Security. The group wished to come to the UK and study the UK Civil Service, specifically in the context of remuneration and benefit.

The problem

The client highlighted the UK Civil Service as one of the most well-established and reputable in the world. With that in mind, they wanted to study the remuneration and benefit system in place for the UK public sector generally and the civil service more specifically. We were asked to design and deliver a programme which focused on several key areas; public sector remuneration, benefits and incentives, how pay is distributed and managed; retiring from the civil service; incentive schemes and anti-corruption, promotion and performance management.

Our actions

With a wealth of experience working with the UK Civil Service, Dods Training has an unrivalled network of expert training consultants specialising in government remuneration and management. Utilising our wider Dods network, our well-established relationship with UK government and civil servants and our own expert consultants, we put together a comprehensive programme to address the client’s training requirements.

The event was chaired by one of our expert trainers with a wealth of knowledge and personal experience in human resources in the UK Civil Service. The programme catered to all learning styles offering lecture-style sessions, guest speaker contributions and interactive case study analysis.

Day one of our bespoke programme focused on the organisation and structure of the UK Civil Service and day two provided concrete examples of finance management, remuneration and training. Day three focused specifically on retirement, benefits and civil service reform and the final day focused on performance management. Within the programme, the delegation heard from a variety of guest speakers including current and former civil servants from various departments, private sector service providers and MPs. The delegation was also hosted in Parliament for a morning and given a short tour of the Parliamentary estate.

To fulfil the training requirements, Dods Training also organised and coordinated a series of meetings so delegates had the opportunity to meet with relevant organisations and personnel, see how institutions worked from the inside, and ask any questions to industry experts. Highlights included meetings with the Teachers’ Union, Liverpool City Council and the Charity for Civil Servants.


The programme was very well received. Delegates responded particularly well to interactive components of the training which had been designed and tailored specifically for the group and allowed them to apply their understanding and put learning into practice. The group also emphasised the opportunity to visit the UK Parliament as a highlight of the programme.