Songjiang District, Shanghai Municipality, People's Republic of China: Understanding the UK Civil Service

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Client: Songjiang District, Shanghai Municipality, People's Republic of China

Programme: Understanding the UK Civil Service

(Delivered in London, UK, 2013)

The client

The Songjiang District is a suburb and district of Shanghai. Officials from the district’s administration wanted to come to London to study and engage with how the UK Civil Service worked and operated in practical terms and look at its HR capabilities. Dods Training was approached to design and deliver a programme which provided an overview of the UK Civil Service.

The problem

The objectives were for participants to understand the structure, organisation and vision, as well as more specific areas including recruitment, development and performance management in the UK Civil Service.

Our actions

We quickly responded to the training needs of the group and put together a five day bespoke training programme designed at gleaning best practice in from Whitehall Human Resources capabilities.

The course focused on different elements of the UK Civil Service. First offering an overview of the structure, organisation and vision of the Civil Service, the programme then went on to look at recruitment and how the Civil Service Code develops and performance manages Civil Servants. The workshop underscored how learning and development is managed within the UK Civil Service and the challenges faced, reviewed the core skills required of UK Civil Servants and how this drives the core curriculum and addressed promotion, pay, rewards and pension arrangements for UK Civil Servants.

Utilising our large network of associates we were able to select a trainer with extensive knowledge of HR within the Government and who had served as head of learning and development for two government departments, to deliver the training programme.


The programme proved very popular amongst participants and was very well received. Owing to the very positive feedback of the structure and delivery of the course we later received a repeat run for a similar delegation.