Local Government

This portfolio of programmes provides delegates with an in-depth introduction to local and regional government in the UK.

It examines the structure of the local and regional administration in the UK, the competencies and responsibilities of local councils, municipalities and the devolved administrations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It also focuses on London Government and the roles and responsibilities of the Mayor and the Greater London Assembly.

The programmes also looks in detail at the politics of local and regional government comparing and contrasting them to central government. Participants examine the major challenges facing local and regional government, in particular the effects of the global financial crisis and how local and regional public administration is transforming service provision despite this challenge.

Bespoke programmes, training courses, study visits and expert presentations are available covering all aspects of UK local and regional government service provision. These are delivered and facilitated by a pool of highly experienced local and regional government practitioners – technical experts, senior managers and leading politicians, and will enable participants to learn about current activities and innovations in management and service delivery.

A tailored programme of activity and support can be developed and delivered and could be a week’s long benchmarking programme through to a basket of interventions to complement existing activity, such as expert advice and knowledge-sharing on latest trends and best practice, to practical study visits on specific issues, organisations or localities. Programmes can be delivered in the UK, in-country or in a third-country if appropriate.