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Dods Training has a reputation across the public sector for providing outstanding training events covering a wide variety of subjects. This is because our training is:

  • Flexible. Our relatively small size means we can be flexible in responding quickly and efficiently to your needs.
  • Innovative. Our dynamic team of advisers with Civil Service and Local Government backgrounds have proven records of designing innovative, effective training programmes using combinations of learning techniques.
  • Sensitive to learning styles. All our courses follow the principles of adult learning and provide different interventions to support different learning styles. To provide time for those who learn from reflection, the lecture and discussion sessions are interspersed with sessions to review work. For people who have a more activist learning style our suggested speakers are recognised for the quality of their input and allowing full challenge, examination and questioning of their specialist subjects. Theorists will benefit as each session will be led by a leader in their field and each topic develops a strong understanding before practise. The needs of pragmatists are well catered for as each subject can be practised throughout the programme and directly applied on return to the workplace           
  • High quality. We use quality measures for evaluation which we benchmark through our regular meetings with people such as the Head of the UK Policy Profession.
  • Informative and relevant. We work closely with clients to design materials and case studies to ensure all learning is exactly what is needed.
  • Challenging and engaging. We design all our training to challenge participants through interactive practical exercises which place them outside their comfort zone, whilst in a safe environment, and by providing honest, constructive tutor feedback.
  • Delivered by experts. Our large network of associate trainers includes the most respected experts in their fields, many of whom work exclusively with Dods Training.
  • Guaranteed through government framework agreements. Westminster Explained is the UK Civil Service’s chosen supplier for designing and delivering training on Working with Ministers and Policy Skills. In addition, we have long-term contracts core departments including the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Department for International Development. This provides us with a unique understanding of international governance and policy making.
  • Quality assured. In December 2013, Westminster Explained was again awarded the British Assessment Bureau ISO9001 Quality Management certification.  This underlines our commitment to the highest quality standards in all our practices, including contingency arrangements, logistics and administration.

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