Felicity Lerouge

Felicity Lerouge is a training consultant specialising in communication, behavioural intervention, company culture and leadership. She is known for insightful, engaging training which inspires leaders to reconnect with their passion for their roles, generating lasting positive change.
Felicity has been designing and facilitating programmes for corporate clients for over five years, working with British Airways, the House of Commons, Henderson's Global Investors and the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games, amongst many others. In conjunction with this, she is part of the Senior Leadership team for Robbins Research International (Anthony Robbins’ company), training, and coaching at worldwide events since 2008. This diversity of experience and skills gives her strong business awareness and the ability to deliver her clients’ outcomes with a unique level of depth and effectiveness. In order to stay at the cutting edge of her profession she is studying for her PhD in Coaching Psychoneurology and has achieved her PhD(c). An international keynote speaker, Felicity has been interviewed for a number of radio stations and coaching programmes, in the UK, Europe and North America. Her articles have appeared in a variety of magazines; she is a regular contributor to We Are the City and was previously a Platinum Author for Ezine Articles. Felicity is also the author of a modern day fable, Changing the Channel, which looks at personal and spiritual
development in a modern day context.