How Parliament Works

11 October 2017
  • Parliament

Trainer: Jenny Willott 

This course will give participants an understanding of how the two Houses of Parliament operate and their relationship with Government, to give a better understanding of the political context within which policy develops and the ways policy and legislation can be influenced and affected within Parliament.

Who will benefit from attending

Everyone who wants or needs to understand how Parliament works and the broader Parliamentary structures.  It will ensure those developing policy and legislation, as well as those wishing to influence it, understand how Parliament holds Government to account, and what tools parliamentarians have to influence decisions.

Learning outcomes

Participants will have learned:

  • Who the key players are within the House of Commons and the House of Lords
  • How policy is developed, turned into legislation and how it progresses through Parliament
  • The different ways that parliamentarians holds the Government to account, from both the front and the back benches
  • How the workings of Parliament influence policy and legislative decisions

Organisational benefit

Your staff will understand how Parliament works and how and why decisions are taken.  This will ensure they are better able to understand what influences policy and the role parliamentarians play in shaping legislation, which will give insight into what considerations need to be taken into account during the policy making process.