Managing Difficult Conversations

14 February 2019
  • Communication skills
  • Personal development

Trainer: Kevin Rowswell 

Difficult, challenging and unexpected conversations are a part of everyday working regimes whether it’s with managers, customers, colleagues, staff, or stakeholders. How you manage yourself and the conversation, taking control, or at least sharing it with your conversation partner, is the thing that can make all the difference.  

This workshop provides practical solutions to help you to develop coping and management strategies to control yourself and the situation, and better manage a difficult conversation for greater benefit to you and all parties concerned.

Whether you’re the person initiating the conversation or you’re on the receiving end, this workshop provides a range of strategies both inside and outside the workplace, face-to-face or telephone/technology mediated.

Who will benefit from attending?

Anyone who wants to learn techniques for managing themselves and the situation during difficult conversations.

Learning outcomes

  • Recognise the origins of conflict and the communication behaviours which can result from these
  • Reflect on your own behaviours and responses to conflict and difficult conversations
  • Explore different approaches and strategies to manage these conversations effectively
  • Practice and develop your skills to navigate these conversations to successful outcomes

The programme will reflect on internal and external conversations to reflect participants’ interests.

Organisational and personal benefit

You will be able to handle challenging and difficult conversations with more self-confidence and assuredness and so enhance overall