Taking Control of Your Time

7 February 2019
  • Personal development

Trainer: Kathey Bailey

Today's working environment demands more of people in less time with fewer resources, and it becomes easy to get overwhelmed and lose sight of the priorities. This workshop will give you the opportunity to think about your role and identify the tasks that really get results. It then gives tips and techniques on how to control more of your time so that you can focus on your key tasks.

Come with an open mind and take away a list of practical tasks and ideas that will save you hours and make a considerable difference to the way you work and the results you achieve.

Pre-course preparation: Participants are asked to keep a time log for three days before the course so that they can see how they are currently spending time and look for ways to apply the principles of the course.

Who will benefit from attending?

Anyone who wants to control more of their time - it is also helpful if participants have been in their current role for at least two months.

Learning outcomes

  • Identify the key tasks you need to achieve for effective performance
  • Reduce and manage your reactive and less productive tasks
  • Set effective priorities
  • Understand the impact of making time to plan
  • Set up an effective system to manage task lists, ‘to do’ lists and diaries
  • Recognise and deal with procrastination
  • Manage the time wasting elements of your role
  • Set up an effective system to deal with paperwork and emails.

Organisational benefit

An employee who is:

  • focused on their purpose and key tasks
  • motivated to get results
  • organised to help themselves and others.