UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Provision of European Union Training

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Client: UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office:

Programme: Provision of European Union Training

(Delivered (to date) in London, Brussels, Prague, Athens, Rome, Riga)

The client

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is a ministerial department promoting the UK’s interests overseas, globally supporting its citizens and businesses.

The problem

FCO wanted an EU training programme comprising two strands; one for staff based in the UK and the other aimed at UK missions overseas.

Our actions

Dods Training provided an innovative, unique approach to the design and delivery of the programme. Our vast network of trainers meant that we were well-placed to employ specialists to deliver the programme as well as gain access to prolific guest speakers. Our unique situation as part of the Dods group meant we were able to offer a combination of high quality policy training through Dods Training/Westminster Explained along with comprehensive monitoring of EU developments via our Brussels office; Dods EU. This enables us to keep our training up-to-date and relevant through contacts and information exchange within the organisation.

The programme has two strands:

1. London and Brussels-based EU Training

A five-day EU training course, London-based, with a one-day Brussels familiarisation visit.

2. EU training delivered in Regional Training Centres

A two-day EU training course delivered at FCO Regional training centres in Athens, Brussels, Prague and Copenhagen.


To-date both programmes have been incredibly well-received. Highlights of the courses include a visit to the European Parliament in Brussels, training in the British Embassies in Prague and Athens, and meeting with leading MEPs and officials.